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Welcome to the website of Kinno Towel

Our company is an old towel manufacturer which celebrated the 75th anniversary of its foundation, located in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, which is one of the Japanese two major towel producing districts. We’ve been always proud of high quality products with world-leading facilities and technologies.

I assumed the post of president in 2001.

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Corporate Idea: We always try to become the company leading the world towel industry. Focusing on quality control, we make high-quality products which satisfy customers, and make a great contribution to society. We try to meet the responsibility of a manufacturer keeping in mind that we must be useful to people and society. We offer comfort, luxury and elegance.

We sell such fantastic towels at a reasonable price at our store. We are proud of being able to provide highest-quality towels which our employees devote themselves to making.

Even those with the most sensitive skin, babies, and senior citizens will enjoy using our towels. We have a lot of regular customers. Why not treat yourself to our gorgeous towels or make a gift with them for someone special.

Company Name Kinno Towel Co., Ltd.
1-5-31, Hagurazaki, Izumisano-City, Osaka
598-0046, Japan
Tel: +81-72-462-3801(main number)
Fax: +81-72-463-0600
Business Activities Plannning,
Manufacture and sales of Towels
No. of Employees
Yasuyuki Kinno (born in 1962)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking / Japan Finance Corporation
Access 5 minutes on foot from
Hagurazaki Station, Nankai Line

Apr. 1934
Moriyoshi Kinno builds a towel factory in Sano Town (present Izumisano City)
Brief shutdown according to the wartime law.
The ex-president Iwao Kinno restores after World War II.
Kinno Towel Co., Ltd. established by the capital 800 thousand yen.
The second factory completed at Ichiba-nishi, Izumisano City.
New automatic looms introduced.
The capital increased to two million yen.
The capital increased to five million yen.
The head office and factory newly built at Hagurazaki, Izumisano City; moved.
Three-story reinforced concrete girls dormitory constructed at the head office and factory.
The head office and factory extended.
Innovative looms introduced.
1979 The capital increased to 15 million yen.
Nov. 1981 Commended as an excellent taxpayer.
1985 The sizing section established.
1988 The sewing section completely automated.
Feb. 1995
Air jet looms for terry weaving with electronic jacquard introduced.
Jul. 1997 Slzar G6200 towel weaving machine with electronic jacquard introduced.
Feb. 1998 Inventory control completely computerized.
Nov. 2000 Computer-controlled warehouse by Toyota Industries Corporation completed.
Aug. 2000 Eco-friendly towels “Eco Mark” acquired.
Mar. 2001 Looms for special way of weaving invented; patent pending.
Nov. 2001 Yasuyuki Kinno, planning office ex-manager, assumes the post of the president. Iwao Kinno assumes the post of the chairman.
Apr. 2004 Conclude a license contract for “bang on the door” with Santoro Graphics Limited of the UK.
Mar. 2005 Conclude a license contract with Mr. Shinzi Katoh, sundry goods designer.
Apr. 2005 Direct sales store "K'S COTTON HOUSE" opens.
Feb. 2006 Initial exhibit to The Tokyo International Gift Show (Japan’s largest gift trade fair)
Dec. 2007 Authorized by KANSAI Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry as a company to create new products and services by making full use of Reginal Resources.
May. 2008 Intial exhibit in The Small & Medium Enterprise Fair.
Aug. 2008 Initial exhibit in The New York Children's Club.
Aug. 2008 Exhibit in The New York Japan C (Felissimo NY).
Jan. 2009 Exhibit in Paris (France) Japan Brand MITSUKOSHI ETOILE.
Jan. 2009 Exhibit in NYIGF (New York International Gift Fair).
Oct. 2009 Sewing machine for handkerchieves introduced
Dec. 2009 Exhibit in Global Passport2010(Mumbai, India).
Jan. 2010 Ink-jet printer introduced
Feb. 2010 Exhibit in Global Passport2010(Bangkok, Thailand).

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